Indifference Towards My Lurkers Day

No, it’s no good. I just don’t have it in me to be all cheery and supportive and welcoming, in the manner of Bonnie’s genuinely meme-ish idea. Anyway, if my stats are any guide — and if they’re not, why do I have them? — most of the hits to this blog are from people looking for a bit of a SpankingTube-assisted wank, who end up at this post, disappointed and unwanked.

If I tried to be festive, you wouldn’t believe it anyway, would you? And I’d just come across as desperate for attention. Either I secretly would love lots of lurkers to provide me with affirmation, but am pathologically unable to summon up the sincerity or to admit a need for affirmation; or I just don’t care hugely. You’ll have to decide. Besides, if I got masses of regular feedback, I’d feel pressure to be all, you know, entertaining and friendly and nice, and then we’d all lose respect for me.

So that’s it. Delurk. Or don’t. See if I care.


  • Be as grumpy as you want, Paul, I will post this comment nonetheless! 😉 Happy LOL Day. It was good to meet you at SL, and I hope to meet you and Mija again any time soon. 🙂

  • Paul,

    I love your candor. So too does the rest of your readership I’d wager. That’s why I’m going to link this post and let the readers decide for themselves.

    With a slightly pseudo-serious handshake,

  • No, please don’t pressure yourself to be entertaining and friendly and nice! Just be your normal malcontent and misanthropic self. I like you that way.

    Happy LOL Day.

  • We found your blog thanks to LOL… so that’s a good thing from our perspective. We too first found spanking online through newsgroups, and our blog name is a bit of a nod to that fact. Look forward to checking back in the future.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  • I so wish I could take this opportunity to delurk, but it’s too late. Still, you did make me laugh. Not as much as Mija’s comments about your post did, but almost.

  • Thanks for nothing, people. Oh, right, I’m sure you all thought you saw through my spiky exterior and that I’d be all secretly pleased with lots of comments, but I was actually trying for the very first LOL (actually ITML!) post that got absolutely nothing in response. That would have amused me. And you spoiled it. Happy now?

  • You are aware, Paul, that your strategy was bound to fail, aren’t you? If you want the kids to get off your lawn, being grumpy doesn’t work. That makes it all the more interesting, you know? You have to work with a good incentive instead.

    So, here is my proposal for next year: All you need is a very short LOL Day post. In fact, one sentence is enough. “I am going to take one spank from Mija for every commenter who writes a comment on Mija’s LOL Day post but NO comment on this blog.” Very simple and very effective for sure. Well, I’m confident that you will at least get rid of Indy, Ludwig and myself that way. Not sure about the rest, but hey, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

    Oh, and you don’t have to thank me, I’m always glad to selflessly help out with reasonable, effective plans!

    • That’s bribery, plain and simple, and I have more self-respect than that. Also, it would hurt. No, I have to earn disinterest the hard way, I think. Working on it.

      • Damn! Well, but it was worth a try… I agree with you on the possibility that it would hurt, though. I underestimated the number of delurkers on our blog this year. Ouch! But hey, you may call it bribery, I still just call it an (obviously very) effective incentive… 😉

  • As I was getting ready to reply to this, I suddenly noticed the post was from November, and realized it might be kind of pointless.

    Which means I’m not really a lurker, since this is the first time I’ve ever been on your blog. Which came from visiting The Treehouse for the first time in a long time. Which came from going through the pages of the sadly long abandoned Saint Francis webpage, and stumbling on Such A Good Girl for the first time years and years. And remembering how the first time I read it, it was something that was, to me, almost beyond words. It might not have been “my kink” exactly… But it was the first time in my life I had read something that came close to being such.

    So, I’m not delurking, I’m just saying hi.

    • Hi Brian. It’s really sweet of you to write, lurker or not. Amazingly, it’s 17 years since I wrote that story, and it does almost feel like it was someone else who wrote it. I’ll still take the compliments, though. Very glad it resonated for you.

      • Well, I got more than indifference. 🙂

        I really didn’t want to stop and realize that it’s been something like 11 or 12 years since the first time I read it. But… Wow, time flies.

  • I do recall Paul, is the mind behind. So as a lurker, thanks, and spanks. I am a poet, and did’nt know it.

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