A galactic marketplace for breakfast cereal

This package is sold by mass, not weight. (Please consult local acceleration due to gravity.) Some unsettling of contents may have occurred during zero-g shipment.


  • I just discovered something VERY dangerous. I just discovered I can read you, A, and Heather (of Dooced fame) from work. I don’t know when the Filter Gods will take it away from me — like they’ve robbed me of all my other Internet joys — but it’s a beautiful thing.

    Can’t imagine I’ll get much done today …

  • Angie: I can’t hope to compare with Heather for occasional not-work-safe-ness, nor for quantity or quality of bloggy goodness, but still, I’m glad they let you in. But what on earth would they filter on? [Paul then remembers that one of his most frequent Google hits is on a piece that has ‘fucked in the ass’ in the title.]

    Wailer: Is it too much to ask that they realise they’re actually selling stuff by mass *now*?

  • Our filters are so weird. Sports sites are filtered, blogs usually are (Livejournal, Blurty, etc are anyway), anything sexual at all, anything dealing with “non-traditional religions or occult” — Scientology sites are blocked, Chrisitan Scientist sites are not — just all kinds of stuff. One day this blog I read at home about a woman’s struggle with infertility was blocked. The reason the blocking program gave me? “Tasteless.” I was offended on her behalf.

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