Hair today, gone tomorrow

Perviest thing I’ve seen in a long time: a Chinese eBay vendor selling long human hair — specifically long ponytails — and including with each sale a DVD of the hair being cut. I can bend my brain enough to believe that the film is intended to form a record of authenticity, but would I be giving away my weirdness in admitting that there’s something deeply disturbing, gnarly and just plain hot about the process? Thought so. Does the DVD accompany the hair, or does the hair accompany the DVD?



  • To me, hair’s one of those things that’s ok when it’s on the body it grew on and kind of, well, icky, when it’s not. Maybe not always icky, but definitely noticeably of place. And how I feel about finding it depends on how I feel about the person who shed it and where it shows up.
    And I find the idea of making rings and other mourning jewelry out of a deceased loved one’s hair a la the 19th c a little creepy.
    So actually buying a stranger’s hair and accompanying DVD doesn’t really strike me as hot. And it seems very different from what I first thought of when I saw that pic — donating hair to that organization that makes wigs for children with cancer.
    Having said that, I suppose the hair and DVD combo is better than a used panties and DVD combo . . . .
    And now, in the words (and music) of James Rado, Gerome Ragni, and Galt MacDermot —
    “Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair.
    Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen.
    Give me down to there hair, shoulder length or longer
    Here baby, there, momma, ev’rywhere, daddy, daddy.
    “hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
    Hair, hair, hair. Flow it, show it,long as God can grow it, my
    “Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees,
    give a home to the fleas in my hair.
    A home for fleas (yeah) a hive for bees (yeah),
    a nest for birds, there ain’t no words for the beauty, the
    splendor, the wonder of my:
    “Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
    Hair, hair, hair
    Flow it, show it,long as God can grow it, my hair
    (You knew I was going to do that, right?)

  • Janice: I’m not sure that I mean the possession of the hair, so much as the act of it being cut both drastically and ritualistically. I’m sure these girls are doing it for whatever they get paid – and I hope they think it’s worth it – but in the right context it’d be an act of significant control (if chosen by some top) or significant submission (if chosen by some bottom). I think I am very much attracted to hair – but, yes, typically when it’s still attached – so the idea of having control over someone’s hair, particularly if they don’t entirely like what I might want to do with it, feels an obviously d/s thing.

  • Paul: Ok, I guess I can see that. I was thinking more about being the person who actually received the hair and the DVD.

  • I think it’s a *very* d/s thing. In some of the more… err… extreme writing on literotica or in the assm archives, it’s projected as common practice to shave – or at least severely cut – a slave’s hair. Particularly if said slave is proud of those luscious, silken locks.

    On the flip side, given the propensity of bizarre kinks out there (yes, I enjoy a couple of them myself – no, if you don’t know, I’m not telling), I can also imagine someone getting off on watching women get their hair cut. I thought this was what you were speaking to, Paul, until I read your later comment.

    As for control of hair, I’d bet even janice would agree having one’s hair controlled *is* hot. Although generally I (we?) think of being held by the hair, dragged by the hair, etc., it’d be an interesting experiment to experience having someone else in control of styling (or not styling) said curls, including length, color, etc. The hair has such a significant impact on appearance that it seems like it would approximate that extreme slave experience, whatever that is. On a more practical note, it would also be submitting to yet another aspect of pain & pleasure, as there is undeniably pain and pleasure in having one’s scalp brushed, cared for, pulled, tugged, and arranged to satisfaction.

    sparkle… contemplating hard limits with scissors

  • Janice:
    The right circumstances are *always* required, as far as I’m concerned, for any type of controlling play.
    My ‘hot’ comment was intended solely about hair-pulling and bondage (control of hair that is still attached) – I didn’t intend to speak to (at all) about cutting fetishes, which takes hair kinks to an entirely different level. I called that ‘interesting’ and not ‘hot’ because I, personally, don’t find it all hot either. I apologize if I was not entirely clear about this distinction.
    I suppose, however, in the right circumstances and with the right partner and with the right preparation, nearly anything could be hot. But it would be ‘hot’ because of the d/s power exchange, *not* because of the hair cutting itself.
    And yes, I agree, that how-to is quite cool.

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