Perils of Obsessional Behaviour #65

So I was about to start getting dinner ready last night, when I decided that I’d just clear up the dirty dishes that were sitting around first. Okay, but the dishwasher was full of stuff that I’d cleaned the night before but which hadn’t been put away yet, so I couldn’t put the new dishes into the dishwasher until I’d cleaned out the old ones. Okay, so I set about putting the clean dishes away. I was almost done — was through to the cutlery container — when I started wondering why the dishes had been a little damp. Hmm. Thinks. Sometimes that happens when the drying cycle gets truncated; our dishwasher is a nifty portable thing that hooks up to the sink when you need it, and then unhooks afterwards and rolls back to its rightful place, so sometimes the drying gets stopped when we want the machine out of the way before it’s finished. Okay, so I thought about it, and couldn’t for the life of me remember having needed to disconnect the dishwasher before it had finished drying the night before. So, that meant. Um.

Ah, right. The dishes hadn’t actually been through the dishwasher at all, and I’d just spent several minutes putting dirty dishes neatly back into the cupboards. So I then spent a delightful ten minutes in a kind of kitchen parlour memory game, which involved trying to remember which dirty dishes I’d just put where, retrieving them, and then putting them back into the dishwasher.

And this only happened at all, of course, because I don’t trust dishwashers to get dishes clean without scrubbing them myself first. So they typically go into the machine clean to the eye. And slightly damp. And, it seems, have begun to sometimes come out that way too.

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  • It always cracks me up when one of us opens the dishwasher and asks the other one, “Are these clean or dirty?” You would think that would be fairly evident, no?

    Anyway, this entry cracked me up. I really thought you were going to say that you ended up putting almost ALL of your dishes in the dishwasher just to be safe.

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