Fuckity Fuck Fuck

This timely, pertinent, and wholly depressing little piece from LA Weekly about Dick Cheney’s outburst. Hooray for the Guardian, and not for the first time. This Victorian veil that’s drawn over certain good solid words in popular media drives me slightly nuts. It’s even more baffling in this case, since what Cheney said was the whole point of the story. What do newspaper editors think would happen if ‘F—‘ (which everyone knows is ‘Fuck’ anyway) were replaced with the actual word?

Kelsey Grammer on Conan O’Brien a while ago, the occasion being the end of Frasier. Talking about his tendency towards road rage, Grammer wanted to show the audience how he often reacts to other drivers. And he did something very strange. He looked across to the TV monitors so that he could make sure that he knew where his hands were relative to the picture, and then he did the middle-finger thing with both hands, keeping them below the bottom of the TV picture. He knew — and said as much — that it would be unacceptable to make the gesture on camera, so conspired to make it anyway, but out of the camera’s view. That’s so fucked up I can hardly describe how fucked up it is. Everyone knew what he was doing, but the world would come to an end if people at home actually saw it. Oh, and this was at about 1.15am.

Sigh. Come back Bill Grundy.

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  • Ah, but there is a time and place for f—. I just sent my sister an email, bitching about someone ‘fucking something up.’ I said it 2-3 times. I sent it to her work account and it bounced. The reason? ‘Unapproved content.’ LOL So I had no choice but to resend it and b—- about how they were f—ing it up.

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